Am I Wearing Wrong Sports Shoes?

Am I Wearing Wrong Sports Shoes?

Shoes have a direct effect on our heels, knees, back and shoulders. And if you are wearing the wrong pair of shoes either for your walk or for daily activities then the chances of getting injured are high. That's why wearing the right sports shoes is always suggested.

What are the negative effects of wearing improper sports shoes?

As mentioned earlier in the blog, improper sports shoes will cause problems in many of your body parts like feet, knees, back and shoulders.  Some problems are: -




4.Brushed toes and toenails

5.Hammer Toes

Other than this chances of falling down is also high if you are wearing loose shoes. In tight shoe ligaments injuries in the feet and knees are common.

What are the essential features of a sports shoe?

Sports shoes have some specific features which are essential. If your sports shoes don't have those features then they are not good sports shoes and you should look for some other pair.

1.Breathable Material

While playing sports we sweat and its get collected in our shoes. If shoes are not breathable then moisture will form and chances of fungal infection will increase. So always select pairs that have breathable upper material.


Lightweight sports shoes are suggested by many athletes today because they feel very light and cause less fatigue when used.


Sports shoes that are flexible allow full range of motion. Flexible shoes prevent additional stress on foot joints thus preventing injury.


Sports shoes should have proper cushioning. Shoe cushioning reduces stress on the heel, ankles and toes during running/jogging. Thus shoes become safer.


Slip-resistant shoes help in reducing slipping accidents. Shoes that are slip-resistant give safety confidence and due to which user's speed also increases. For offroad activity also shoes with good slip-resistant soles are suggested.


Durability means the ability to last long. Shoes made of high-quality material are more durable and stay stronger in regular usage.

Concluding thoughts: -

If you are wearing a shoe that is not comfortable then you should quickly replace it. Spending amount on a new pair of shoes will be always lower than the amount spends on a foot injury. For those looking for a new pair of sports shoes, we recommend JQR article SMART. SMART have EVA sole which makes it suitable choice for sports activities.

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