How To Choose The Right Running Shoe For You!

How To Choose The Right Running Shoe For You!

We all wear running shoes when we work out or do any physical activity, jogging or running. Running shoes offer support and strength while intense physical activity, protecting legs from injuries. Many brands offer the best running shoes for men as they make durable and trendy sports shoes. It is recommended to choose the brand carefully so you know you have picked the right product.

The right running shoes provide the foundation for the entire body and help prevent injuries. Below are some of the critical decisions which enables you to find the best running shoe from the best running shoe brand in India:

1. Consider the location where you're planning to run. We generally hit the road for running, trails, and gravel paths. So before purchasing running shoes, analyze whether you plan to run on the road or trail or need cross-training shoe. The outsole is the point where the rubber meets the road. It is made of various rubber or foam compounds (that provide grip and durability) placed strategically to increase longevity or enhance flexibility.

2. Decide whether you want more or less cushioning underfoot. Everyone wants comfort when running. So, it's time to decide whether you want to feel like a cushion or the ground underfoot. Cushioning (the thickness of material under the midsole to minimize the shock of heel strike) and heel drop is two factors to consider before purchasing running shoes from the best running shoe brand in India.

3. Heel-to-drop: Pick a shoe that feels good throughout your running, from touchdown to toe-off, and reduces stress on weak foot parts. Zero-drop shoes are placed equal to the heel and toe from the ground.

4. Understand whether you need any support for your gait. Most runners can choose a neutral shoe, but if your foot tends to roll to the far outside or inside, some shoes can help you. Most designers use various technologies to protect the foot from excessive motion, and your shoe should offer stability as support. If you overpronate, you may want a shoe with more stabilizing features.

5. Try a new insole: An insole is the removable pad of foam inside the shoe that cushions the bottom of your foot. It provides arch support and gives the shoe comfort. Please pay attention to how the shoe feels on the run, where the foot offers support and cushioning. If you wear an orthotic, ensure it comfortably fits inside your shoe.

6. Make sure the shoe fits best. Your shoe must fit well from the start of your running journey with no breaking-in period.

The best running shoes for men are the shoes that make you feel comfortable on your foot and fit your foot the best. So how to find that perfect shoe? We have outlined six simple steps for you to follow.

Understand Pronation:

Pronation is the foot rolling from heel to toe throughout the running. The foot strike pattern strikes the heel outside and moves up to the ball of your foot evenly. It is how your foot reduces the stress of impact.

Determine your foot type:

If you want to know about your foot type, the easiest way is to take the "wet test." The results you will get are:

  • Normal arch
  • High arch
  • Low arch

Determine your gait

Determining your gait is very important to choose the shoe that best accommodates your gait type.

There are four basic gait types:

1. Severe overpronation: When your heel strikes the ground first and then rolls inward excessively, making your body unstable. It is typically for someone with a flat foot or severely low arch. The best running shoe for men with this type of over pronator is a motion control shoe.

2. Mild overpronation: The heel strikes first, and the foot rolls inward slightly, absorbing the shock. A man with a low to medium arch should wear a stability shoe.

3. Neutral: If you have a neutral gait, the middle or outward part of the heel strikes first on the ground, and the foot rolls inward slightly, absorbing the shock. The best running shoe for men with a neutral arch should prefer a neutral cushioning shoe.

4. Under pronation: If you have an under-pronation gait, it first strikes the ground outside of the heel and stays on the outside of the foot through the entire foot strike. It is typically someone with a higher arched foot and should choose a neutral cushioning shoe.

Choose the best running shoes brand in India.

Now that you know about your arch type and gait, you are ready to find a shoe that fits your particular needs. First, look at the shoe's shape to determine the type of shoe. To gain stability, manufacturers use a dual-density foam in the insole to prevent you from rolling in and keeping your foot at a neutral stride.

Try and ensure it fits properly.

Trying the shoes is the last step if you buy from the best running shoe brand in India. Different companies leverage different technologies to make you feel comfortable, so try on a few different pairs to compare the feel. Before buying running shoes, it is advisable to examine these four particular areas of running shoes:

  • The heel counter is the supporting material placed at the back of your shoe to maintain the balance and tighten the back of the heel that shapes the calves and heel bone. A good heel counter will prevent the feet from over-rotation of the forearm.
  • The midsole is the layer between the inner and outer sole of the shoe. These are made of various materials that give the shoe greater or lesser degrees of cushioning, support, and flexibility.
  • The insole is the shoe part located inside the bottom, where the sole comes in contact with the shoe. It reduces forces between the foot and the shoe to avoid jerks.
  • The toe box is the shoe area that surrounds the toes on closed-toe shoes. If it does not fit, it can cause injuries and foot deformities. Toe boxes come in various shapes and construction styles, some of which are a matter of fashion and some designed for specialized functions.

Want to talk with an expert about choosing the best running shoes for men?

If you've questions, we've got answers. With JQR Sports, it's simple to get expert advice and gear tips from comfort while choosing from the best sport shoe brand in India.

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