How to remove stains from shoes

How to remove stains from shoes?

 Shoes get stained very easily. Shoes have to face dirt, oil, mud, and even coffee drops. Most of the time people don't remove these stains. And it reduces shoe life. This blog is all about removing those stains from shoes and keeping them shining for years. There is no rocket science in cleaning stains from shoes but we have to act fast for removing these stains.

Types and solutions of the most common shoe stains are below:-

Mud stains

 Mud is very common in the rainy season and very difficult to remove. Mud becomes more difficult to remove when it gets dry and becomes hard. And if you put them in a washing machine then they can get more damaged.

 To remove mud you have to use the following process:-

1. Use a soft brush to remove mud. Try to remove maximum mud without being too hard.

2. Dip a clean cloth in a mixture of water and washing powder. Rub shoes gently.

3. Use a dry cloth to remove excess water.

Oil stains

 Oil is the hardest stain to remove from shoes. And it will become stronger with more time it stains on your shoes. So it should be removed as soon as possible.

 To remove oil you have to:

1. Sprinkle talcum powder on the oil stain.

2. Remove powder with a soft brush and repeat the process until the stain is removed.

Coffee stains

 Coffee stains are more common these days because of our modern lifestyle and craving for Caffeine. After getting dried these stains become easily noticeable.

 To remove coffee stains:-

1. Wet shoes a little with water.

2. Clean coffee stain with a mixture of water and washing powder.

3. Remove excess water with a dry cloth and let the shoes dry.

How to avoid stains on shoes?

 You can avoid stains on your favorite shoes just by following some precautions. Here are some ways by which you can protect your shoes from stains:-

1. Don't let your shoes get excessively wet regularly.  Wet shoes get damaged easily. Stains on wet shoes are difficult to remove.

2. Use shoe protectors on leather shoes. Shoe protectors act as a layer on your shoes. This protector layer can help in avoiding stains.

3. Use a soft brush for cleaning shoes before and after use. Just cleaning your shoes with a soft brush will remove excess stains and will increase your shoe life.

 The above method and products are available easily. By using them and some extra care you can increase your shoe life by years.

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