How To Walk Faster

How To Walk Faster?

Walking is an enjoyable activity. Walking helps in maintaining body weight and prevents many diseases related to blood pressure and heart. But what if your walking speed is reduced. What if your shoes or walking style is affecting your walking speed negatively?

So let's read about ways in which we can increase walking speed.

1. More Flexibility in Shoes

While walking fast our shoes bend with foot movement. So shoes should be flexible enough to bend. If shoes are rigid or have stiff hard soles then they will not bend properly and will restrict foot movement.

2. Shorter strides

It's a myth that longer strides increase walking speed. But in walking longer strides will decrease your speed as you will have to adjust your body position with each step to maintain balance.

Using shorter strides is good.

3. Avoid too high heels shoes

In running, our shoes strike first at midfoot or forefoot at the ground. But while walking or jogging foot strike first at the heel. So using higher heels will make walking uncomfortable and can cause injury in the ankle.

4. Adjusting shoe Cushioning

Cushioning also has a strong effect on our speed. While walking a lesser distance than 5 Kilometres we need shoes that have less cushioning or we can say that we need lightweight shoes.

Distance more than 5 kilometres need more cushioned shoes.

Adjusting cushioning according to distance will reduce chances of injuries like Plantar fasciitis, foot pain, stress fractures etc.

5. Right posture

In running, we slightly lean forward to increase our speed. But while walking or jogging we don't need to do this. While walking we should have back straight, head up, eyes looking forward.

6. Shoe Fitting

A proper fit shoe has only enough space to put one finger at the shoe heel.  Anything which is tighter or loose than this will surely cause problems.

An improper shoe fit is uncomfortable to use and can cause blisters.

What JQR Sports® suggests about it.

There are different types of categories in sport's shoes. For walking, we can use shoes of less cushion and of the simplest sole. But for running we need shoes with some cushion and better soles.

Your shoes are the main part of your walking activity. By spending some right time and the right amount you can select the best shoes for you which can be very helpful in your walking and other outdoor activities.

JQR Sports® have some nice articles like MOJ, Bouncer, Superbahu, Panther etc. All these are a nice fit for walking activities and suitable according to the given points.

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