Surprising Facts About Running Shoes

Surprising Facts About Running Shoes You Should Know

Running shoes seems to be a simple topic. Many people think that running shoes are just simple and don't have any specific benefits other than they are helpful in long walks. But this is wrong, running shoes is not a small topic. There are many more things to know about this topic which we should all know.

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In this blog, some facts and benefits will be explained related to running shoes. These points are useful and practical. Keeping today's blog post in mind can make our walks better. So let's get started.

Larger size for running shoes

Running for more than 30 minutes increase blood flow to our feet and increases our feet size due to human biology. This can cause pain in the foot if we are wearing our regular size shoes.

So it's recommended that running shoes should be larger than regular shoe sizes.

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Shoelace styles help in running

Shoelace style affects our running a lot. There are different shoe lace styles for a different purposes. For eg Runner style shoelace helps in running and avoiding heel slippage and there is Army style shoelace which makes the shoe more flexible and comfortable for the long run.

So take some time in learning some shoelace styles.

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Socks also have a strong effect

While going for a walk socks are important. Never avoid wearing socks as they avoid slippage and absorb sweat. Socks should always be of right size. Too tight socks can cause pain and too big socks can cause uncomfortable in daily activities.

Synthetic socks are recommended for running and jogging as they absorb sweat from foot.

Stick to one footwear Brand

Always stick to one particular brand. Our feet muscles get comfortable with according to a particular brand. Changing shoes brand will increase muscle tension and increase the chances of injury.

Here I would recommend using JQR Sports Brand. They have a nice collection of Running shoes.

Boots are not better than running shoes

Due to lots of images and videos of armed forces doing their exercise and training in military boots people are thinking that boots are more comfortable for running and jogging. It's a wrong myth. Boots don't have needed cushioning required for running. Boots are hard and not much flexible as running shoes. And due to it they can cause discomfort or injury.

So always wear running shoes instead of boots for walks

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