Tips For Walking With Dog

Tips For Walking With Dog?

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.” – Josh Billings

Dogs are human's best friends for centuries. Dogs can reduce stress, anxiety, depression and loneliness. Dogs encourage exercise and other healthy habits in their human companion. You have to take them for walks to keep them healthy and fit. But once you start this, walking with your dog becomes a routine.

Taking a dog for walk seems to be an easy task but there are many small details that you should follow to make this activity smoother. In this blog, some important tips and guidelines are written that you are going to need if you have a dog.

If you recently adopted a dog then this blog is a must for you. Those who had dogs for a long time should also read this blog as they will surely find some useful content.

Always use a leash

Whenever you are going outside with your dog you must connect a leash with his collar. It's a very common problem that dogs start to chase other dogs, animals, vehicles. This can harm your dog or someone else.

So always use a good leash.

Proper clothes

Both you and your dog should be wearing proper clothing according to the weather. This will help in avoiding discomfort and illness.

For eg: a jacket/coat can be used for your Dog in winter.

Rest Intervals

Rest intervals are important for both humans and dogs if going on a long walk. After every 1-2 Kilometres, you should stop and take rest in some shady spot for some minutes. This will cool down both you and your dog.

Dog identification

The dog should always have identification-related cards or tags on them. You can use collars or name tags. This will help in finding your dog in case he/she gets lost. Nowadays embedded microchips are used which can show your Dog location on your mobile phone by using GPS technology.


Make sure your dog is well hydrated before going to walk. If you are going for a long walk, then should carry a water bottle with you. This will keep them hydrated and avoid overheating.

Carry a stick

Stray dogs can be found anywhere. Stray dogs can be dangerous as they may be carrying contagious diseases which can be harmful to you and your dog.

And also sometimes stray dogs attack other dogs who are new to their territory.

To avoid these, you should carry a small stick to scare them away.

Running shoes

Dog likes to run behind moving vehicles and animals because of their hunting instinct. They can drag you behind them if they start chasing something. So you should always wear some comfortable running shoes on walks.

Suggestions: - JQR’s Bouncer and PANTHOR shoes are the best-suited options here for walking your dog.

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