Weight Lose By Walking

Weight Lose By Walking

How much to walk to lose weight?

To lose weight, most people choose walking. Walking is the simplest activity to perform for weight loss. But there are some questions which need to be answered like How much should I walk? Should I walk daily or occasionally etc. In this blog, most of the related questions will be answered.

How much should you walk each day for weight loss?

Regular walking at a normal pace is enough to reduce your weight but it's a long term process.

For faster weight loss, your walking speed should be more than average or we can say that you should be doing a brisk walk. Walking fast increases heart rate and thus helps in increasing calorie burning process.

It’s been scientifically proven that a brisk walk of more than 30 minutes helps in losing weight. So walking 30 minutes at least 5 days a week is suggested for weight loss.

If you have any health conditions due to which you can't walk continues 30 minutes, then you can take a break after every 10-15 minutes.

Does walking speed affects the number of calories burned?

The number of calories burned depends on walking speed and your weight. If your weight is more then you will burn more calories by walking compared to a less weighted person.

Same for walking speed i.e. you will burn more calories by walking faster than normal speed.

What are the benefits of walking?

Walking is the simplest form of exercise. By walking you can improve your health and fitness.

Some specific walking benefits are: -

1. improved mood

2. decreased blood pressure

3. decreased LDL (bad) cholesterol

4. increased HDL (good) cholesterol

5. maintain weight

6. prevent heart disease

7. improve sleep

Should I take some precautions before starting walking?

Those who don't walk much should take some precautions before walking. Just starting walking a long-distance suddenly can cause health problems. For those aged more than 40 years old starting walking can result in heart problems. Walking can cause problems in bones and joints.

So following precautions should be taken before starting walking: -

Start from a small distance: - legs muscles and other body parts takes time to adjust. Starting from a small distance adjust the body.

Warm-up: - Warm-up should be done before starting any exercise. It loosens up muscles and decreases the chances of injury.

Get a health check-up if your age is more than 40 years old: - A basic health check-up and consultation with a family doctor are advised if your age is more than 40. The doctor will recommend and advise you according to your health.

Not increase walking speed much: - walking speed should not be increased much in starting. Just walk at regular speed and let your leg muscles adjust to your new walking routine.

Get the good walking gear: - There should be proper walking gear suitable for walking. Walking should not be done in boots or slippers. There are specific walking shoes which should be used for walking. I recommend using JQR MAGIC for walking.

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