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Everything About Insoles

In one of our previous blog, we read about how to comfortably fit a loose shoe using insoles. So we already know that insoles can be helpful in increasing comfort and improving shoe fitting. But there are more things to know about insoles like different types of insoles, why should we use insoles, what are right insole for you.

Today’s blog will be all about insoles. All possible information regarding insoles can be found in this single blog provided by JQR.

What are insoles?

Insoles are materials that are placed inside shoes. They are also known as "foot beds". The main purpose of using insoles is to increase shoe comfortability.

Insoles can be taken out from shoes and can be washed to remove any kind of smell.

Benefits of using insoles

The main benefits of insoles are to increase comfort and to make shoes tighter. But there are some other benefits also: -

  1. Improve posture
  2. Reduces muscle fatigue
  3. Improves heel cushioning
  4. Prevents blisters and irritation
  5. Eases back, knee and hip pain
  6. Warmth to feet

What are insoles made from?

Insoles are made of the following materials: -

  1. Foam insoles: - Made of foam and available easily. Reduce easily.
  2. Memory foam insoles: - These insoles are moulded perfectly to the shape of human feet thus providing good comfort
  3. Gel insoles: - Expected life of 4-6 months. Absorb small shocks easily.
  4. Air-cushioned insoles- Made of pressurised air bubbles. Most comfortable of all insoles.
  5. Leather insoles: - Long-lasting and least comfortable.

How to make your insoles last longer?

Insoles wear down much faster than shoes. The average life of insoles is from 4 to 8 months. But it can be prolonged by following the given tips: -

  1. Not using shoes daily: - Using shoes makes them wet because of sweat. If they are used daily, then this sweat will not evaporate and will damage insoles and other shoe parts.
  2. Air drying insoles: - insoles should be taken outside of shoes and should be air-dried in shade.
  3. Washing twice a month: - If you wear your shoes regularly then you should wash your insoles twice a month to keep them fresh.

What is the right insole for you?

Choosing the best insole will depend on your shoes, shoe fitting and your comfort. Some common problems and insole suggestions: -

  1. For Shoes with big heels: - In this kind of shoes your feet will slip forward. So you should use a toe insert to avoid this slipping.
  2. Slippery shoes: - When your shoe is feeling too much slippery then you should use gel insoles.
  3. For running shoes: - In running shoe insoles should not be too much thick so you can’t use air-cushioned insoles. Here for running shoes, you can use Foam or gel insoles. The foam insole is best here.

Are there shoes with good insoles?

Many times we have to buy new insoles to replace original shoe insoles to improve our comfort but what if shoes already have good insoles. Yes, there are some shoe brands like JQR which have good insoles. For instance, JQR Supperjoyo has a Memory foam insole that provides the best comfort. And Supperjoyo also has a Super flexible Phylon traction outsole which provides a good fitting and attractive look.

Conclusion: -

Insoles are an important part of any shoe. They provide comfort which is a very basic requirement of using shoes. By using just a pair of insoles you can increase shoe fitting and shoe life.

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