What to do with old shoes?

What to do with your old shoes?

We all have our own favorite shoes and with time they get old and become dull and uncomfortable. So at this time, we think about what should we do about them? We can't throw our shoes that easily. And keeping those shoes without using them will not be helpful as they will occupy space which you could have used for some other items or products.

This blog will be all about what we can do with our old shoes instead of just throwing them in the garbage.  There are lots of options available which we can do with our shoes and we will discuss them here.

Shoe Recycle

 Many companies and brands recycle old shoes. In some countries, shoe companies are obliged by rules to recycle shoes under "extended producer responsibility". In recycling, shoes are used according to their conditions. Better conditions shoes are collected and shipped to third world countries. From there, shoes are refurbished and sold again. Shoes that are worn out can be used as filler in construction-related activities.

Recycle helps in:

1. Reducing waste,

2. Decreasing carbon footprint,

3. Increase product life.

Donating shoes

Donating shoes to someone needy is also a good idea. There are many NGOs and other organizations which accept wearable shoes and provide them to the less fortunate. By donating shoes you get rid of your old shoes and help the poor at the same time.

 Just make sure that shoes are wearable so that someone can use them. And also clean them once before donating them.

Upcycling of shoes

Upcycling means creative reuse. It is a process in which we use damaged, useless, or waste products for some new product of higher quality or value.

Old shoes can be made productive by upcycling them. There are lots of ideas available online to do this. Some of them are:

1. Sewing colorful patches on shoes

2. Using a flower pot

3. Pen stand by using baby shoe

4. DIY Painted shoes

 A big shoe brand partnered with FieldTurf in the 1990s and helped in making sports fields from its thousands of old shoes. Although you can't do that as you don't have that many shoes :).


So above were some solutions which you can do with your old shoes. There are other options also and it will all depend on your creativity. There are some youtube channels and Instagram accounts that have many ideas related to this topic.

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