Why Avoid Weighted Shoes

Why Avoid Weighted Shoes?

What are weighted shoes?

Weighted shoes are specially designed shoes that have extra weight added to shoe soles. Some marketers claim that this extra added weight in shoe increase the number of calories burned and can improve the strength and tone of leg muscles.

Normal sports shoes weights approx 200g to 600g. And weighted shoe starts from 1Kg to 2.5 Kg. It is claimed that these shoes are better than normal sports shoes and burn a minimum of 20% more calories. Due to this fast result promise, many people are buying these shoes. But weighted shoes are not that good. They have some serious flaws which can create serious problems for their users.

Do weighted shoes really burn more calories?

Yes, weighted shoes burn more calories. Due to more weight, it took more energy to lift shoes while walking. Thus with every step, you will burn more calories than usual. But due to other disadvantages, this extra burned calorie will be offset.

The claim of strengthening leg muscles is not proven yet as many researchers believe that instead of strengthening these shoes will cause injuries.

Reason to avoid weighted shoes: -

1. Difficult for Jogging/Running

According to the University of Colorado, USA walking/jogging speed will decrease with just a little increase in our shoe weight.

In weighted shoes, you have to walk more carefully to avoid injuries. Thus you will be focusing more on your footstep instead of walking speed.

2. Low flexibility

In weighted shoes, extra weight is added in sole. This reduces sole flexibility. Shoes with less flexible soles are not suitable for long distances and are uncomfortable.

3. Reduction in distance travelled

Heavy shoes decrease our speed because of burning more calories. Due to less speed, it will take more time to travel your regular distance.

So you can't go for long distances in these shoes.

4. Increased injury risk

Weight added to shoes causes strain in the joints of your feet and ankles. Repetitive strain at these points can cause ligament or joint injury which will take a lot of time to heal.


If you are looking to burn more calories, then you can do it by doing regular exercise like running and jogging. You don't need to use any special type of shoes. Just a flexible pair of JQR's Moj will work fine for your running.

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