Kids Running Shoes

Your kids’ comfortable running shoes from JQR Sports

Running is an activity in which most of the kids are involved. Today’s generation of kids is full of energy, and they love running throughout the day. Therefore, these kids' feet need special care, and hence, JQR Sports is involved in the manufacturing of some of the finest quality running shoes for kids. The worst pain point for all parents in today’s world is when a child complains of foot pain or ankle pain after a day full of activities. The parents as well as the shoe manufacturers thus need to understand that the source of this pain and discomfort might be because of the footwear that the child is wearing.

The sneaker that your child is wearing must fit well in terms of arch, length, and width and be properly supportive. It must be sturdy as well. All these features combined in a shoe can easily solve a child's basic foot problems.

Certain key features of a running shoe

  1. Proper fit: kids' shoes must be of proper fit. They should not be too tight or too loose.
  2. Supporting and stable: The shoes must provide support to the child’s growing feet and provide stability.
  3. To avoid injuries, the shoes should provide traction support to the child's foot.
  4. Durable: The shoes should be durable and long-lasting.
  5. Breathability: The shoe should be made from a breathable fabric to make it comfortable for the kids.
  6. Flexible: Since kids’ foot are more flexible, their shoes need to be flexible enough to allow toe movements.
  7. Lightweight: Light weight shoes ensure that the kids wear it easily and can move around easily in them.

Considering the above features, you can simply rely on the shoes manufactured by JQR Sports, as we promise quality kids' running shoes for your child in the most affordable and pocket-friendly way possible.

What Makes Kids Running Shoes Unique from Adult Running Shoes

The requirements for kids and adults are completely different when it comes to running shoes. This is because kids have a pair of feet that are developing and growing. In addition, children have a much higher activity level than adults. Let us discuss some of the major differences between the shoes of kids and adults.

  1. Fit: Children’s feet are always growing. Their shoes need to accommodate their growing feet. Therefore, kid’s shoes must have a little more room to accommodate the growing foot.
  2. Flexibility: Since the feet of kids are more flexible than adults', their footwear also needs to be more flexible than an adult’s.
  3. Support: Since children’s feet are still growing, they need more supportive shoes.
  4. Durable: Children’s shoes need to be more durable to wear and tear as compared to adults' shoes.
  5. Cushioning: The cushioning in the children’s footwear needs to be more substantial to protect their growing feet.
  6. Age group specific: Children’s shoes are designed as per their age group. Therefore, the parents are required to choose the right pair for their child’s age.
  7. Weight: Kids' shoes also need to be lighter in weight as they are always active, and hence heavy shoes might cause discomfort to them.

Therefore, kids need completely different shoes in terms of design, structure, and feel when it comes to running shoes. The parents must try different varieties of shoes available on the market for their kids. Running and jumping around is a normal activity for kids. Therefore it’s the parents duty to ensure that the footwear they are wearing is perfect for those movements. Price is not the deciding factor while buying shoes for kids. Many expensive shoes score a zero when we see the comfort and flexibility that they provide. The kids and the parents need to choose a pair of shoes that will support the activity rather than make it painful for them.

Why JQR Sports running shoes for kids?

JQR sports is the manufacturer of the finest quality kids’ shoes. we are committed to quality for our consumers. We take the kid’s foot anatomy into consideration while developing hoes for them. Their small feet need care and hence we are there. Call us today and we shall be providing you all assistance needed to get the right pair of running shoes for your child.