Men's running shoes

Best Running Shoes for Men

Running is a sport that is on the rise in today’s world. With so many marathons being organized worldwide and the craze that today’s generation has for fitness, running becomes one of the most sought-after sports. Considering this, JQR Sports has designed supreme-quality sports shoes that are very much in demand and suit the requirements of all ages and genders. These running shoes promise to bring out the best athlete in any common man. The shoes are lightweight, flexible, and stylish. So, you've decided to start running today and want to invest in some great products that are both high-quality and comfortable? Think no further and purchase your running shoes from us. We bet you will not regret your decision.

Anatomy of a running shoe

Familiarizing yourself with the anatomy of a running shoe might not be a priority for a common man, but it’s always better to understand the same before deciding. After all, these shoes are not just shoes; they are an investment you make to keep yourself fit and healthy. The biomechanics part of the shoe is a must-learn while buying the shoe.

The shoes basically have two parts:

  1. Upper part: The upper part of the shoe basically has the fabric that covers your foot. This part is glued to the midsole. The toe box, where the toes lie, is an important part of the shoe. If they are narrow, then it results in discomfort for the runner. Therefore, one must buy shoes that are appropriate for his or her toes and allow the user to send force forward. The upper parts of shoes also have some elements that are stitched on for reinforcement purposes. To avoid discomfort, one must opt for a seamless design, as it avoids any kind of irritation to the runner. The upper part of a shoe also helps absorb sweat and provides comfort to the user.
  2. Midsole: The midsole is the part of the shoe that lies between the outer sole, which interacts with the ground, and the upper. This part is responsible for giving cushioning to the shoes and providing support and flexibility to the user. The material used to develop a running and sports shoe is mostly ethylene vinyl acetate and polyurethane. Gel and encapsulated foam used in the midsole are responsible for the cushioning effect in this region of the shoe.
  3. Outer sole: The shoe sole is the part of the shoe that is hitting the ground. This part is usually made up of carbon rubber, blown rubber, or a combination of both. Carbon rubber is used in areas of the sole that are more prone to wear and tear, and blown rubber is used in softer areas. The outer sole is the area that interacts with the ground. Therefore, this area is the one that provides traction for the grip and protection from the ground elements.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are various other parts of the shoe, like, eyelets and shoe lacing systems, sock liners, the shoe tongue, the heel collar, the heel counter, etc., but we will not be discussing much of it here. The user must be aware of these aspects of running shoes to make an informed decision when purchasing any shoe. Now let us discuss how our range of shoes can help you perform your running activities.

How can the original men running shoes from JQR Sports help you?

Our company's shoes can assist you with your running activities in a variety of ways. Since running shoes must support your ankles, provide a good cushion, and absorb sweat, you must go for options that are good in quality and are durable. JQR Sports is the leading manufacturer of original men running shoes in North India. One must opt for them as they have the following distinguished features:

  1. Lightweight: Our shoes are light-weight and hence very comfortable for runners to scale up their speed as and when required.
  2. Flexible: The shoes are flexible enough to provide enough space for bending and flexing the foot of the runner.
  3. Stylish: Apart from the basic features that a running shoe must have, our shoes are stylish and match every kind of outfit.
  4. Traction support: Our shoes are designed to provide the best traction support that helps in running on any kind of surface, whether it is metallic or rough.
  5. Breathable material: The shoes are made up of a highly breathable material, which helps in absorbing sweat and hence increases ventilation, thus minimizing the chances of odour.
  6. Sturdy design: The shoes have a sturdy design that helps them withstand all kinds of weather, be it rainy or cold.
  7. Secure fit: The shoes are engineered and have customizable lacing to provide a secure fit.

Therefore, our shoes possess all the properties that make them a perfect running shoe.

About the brand

JQR Sports is a famous brand in the men running shoe category and has recently gained a lot of popularity in the northern states of India like Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. With more than a decade in the sports footwear industry, we claim to be the best in our field. Just grab your phone and buy running shoes for men online through our website. They are available both online and offline, and the delivery is very smooth and hassle-free. Our customer service is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with any questions you may have while shopping or with after-sales services.