Womens Walking Shoes

JQR Sports promises to bring you the best walking shoes for women.

Walking is one of the most convenient and healthy exercises. This is more popular with women of all ages because, even if they have the least amount of time because of their professional and personal commitments, at least 20 to 30 minutes a day can be devoted to this. Walking can help women get in shape quickly and easily. Keeping this in mind, we at JQR Sports have manufactured some of the best walking shoes that are designed especially for women, as their feet need extra care. After all, women are working all day long for their career and their home, so we ensure that their comfort is not compromised while performing their daily walking journey.

In general, while wearing a walking shoe, the user may not be thinking about the feet at all. But once we start using it in the long run and start covering distances, we realize that the shoe is not the right fit for our feet. This is because the wrong pair of shoes causes pain that does not just affect the feet but also spreads throughout the body. Therefore, women should not get caught in a pair of shoes that makes them inconvenient while performing activities like exercising, sightseeing, socializing, or in general trying to enjoy any outdoor activity. Therefore, one must always choose the best pair of walking shoes based on the criteria established by podiatrists and lifestyle experts.

This is where the walking shoes from our company come into play. We promise you comfort and quality at the same time. Having expertise in this industry for over a decade, you can trust us as a brand that delivers what it promises with no compromise in terms of quality.

Why must you invest in JQR Sports Walking shoes?

We are a well-known brand in northern India. In the past decade, we have gained a lot of popularity among the youth. Comfort, along with quality, is what we promise and deliver to our customers. The shoes designed by our factory are the best in class and have all the characteristics that a good walking shoe must possess.

The shoes produced in our production unit have been exclusively designed with the user’s needs in mind. They can be worn all day. They are flexible enough to support the foot bending and, hence, are flexible in nature. They are made of a light material, which adds to the user's comfort. Hence, they are a perfect partner for women who love to include walking as an exercise in their daily routine. They are made to give you comfort and style.

Let us discuss some of the common characteristics of the women’s walking shoes offered by JQR Sports:

  1. Shock absorption: The shoes designed at JQR Sports can absorb the shock that may develop while walking. The sole provided in the shoe ensures that the user does not feel pain while walking.
  2. Arch support: The shoes designed by us provide full support to the arches of the feet, thus making them most comfortable and helping in relieving the chronic pains.
  3. Cushioning: The inner part of our shoes provides cushioning so that the user is comfortable and can walk on any kind of surface, be it rough or smooth.
  4. Comfortable: Our shoes are made of fabrics and materials that contribute to their comfort.
  5. Affordability: The pricing of our shoes corresponds to the user's purchasing capacity, allowing the average person to easily purchase them.
  6. Sweat absorbing: The shoe can absorb sweat, and the fabric of the shoe also can absorb the sweat and hence avoid bad odour.
  7. Variety of colours and designs: Since women love to see matching colours and designs, our shoes offer you a variety of colours and designs to choose from. The walking shoes for women are designed to fit all outfits in terms of colour and style.
  8. Durable and long lasting- Finally, the shoes offered by JQR Sports are durable and will last longer than other brands in the category.

Where can you buy women’s walking shoes from JQR Sports?

The JQR running shoes for women can be bought online through our trusted e-commerce partners like Amazon and Flipkart. They are also available in offline modes. Contact us today so that we can help you choose the best-fitting walking shoes as per your requirements and assist you in getting them delivered at your doorstep in the most convenient way. Our support staff will be really delighted to serve you with the best possible solution for carrying out your walking routine.